What Is Rock-it Science?

Imagine a science teacher who’s laid back and whimsical, who entertains kids with crazy fractured-fairytale stories, and then lets them experiment *hands-on* with all kinds of materials and equipment as well as fire, electricity, chemistry, and explosions.

That’s Rock-it Science! Think of us as “Mister Rogers meets MythBusters.”

In this video, our Director, Mr. Mac, explains it all. You’ll see why kids come out of our lessons so excited about science they can’t wait to tell their friends about the cool stuff they get to do.

We offer our amazing hands-on science lessons in school classrooms, homeschool classes, summer camps, field trips to our lab, and online training for teachers.

Learn more about our teaching methods and how we conduct our classes.

Rock-it Science is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Silicon Valley. To support our work in bringing science lessons to underserved kids, please click the “Donate Now” button at the top right of this page, or visit our Support page.

Here’s What Parents Say About Us
We often hear about how our country is not producing enough scientists. There is now a big push to generate more interest among our youth, but all too often, the science classes that they take in school are focused on book reading and test taking. This does not inspire our kids to love science. In fact it often makes them dread it.

That is why programs like Rock-it-Science are so important. John makes science come alive! He presents each lesson in the context of a story that engages a child’s interest. Then he has the kids do HANDS ON experiments. This allows the students to feel like scientists — to enjoy the excitement of guessing what might happen next and then seeing the results. Programs like Rock-it-Science are desperately needed because they will actually inspire a love of science.

If we want more scientists in our country, then we need more programs like Rock-it-Science.
The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see. ~ Alexandra Trenfor

This quote immediately made me think of John McChesney and his teaching philosophies. Children at Rock’it Science experience the thrill of their own discoveries because he does not ever tell them what the expected outcomes are. I have had my two children enrolled in Rock’it Science classes for several years now and I will continue to register them for as many years as “Mr. Mac” is available
My eldest daughter took Rock-It-Science classes for 5 years, and now my younger daughter is taking the classes. My kids have absolutely loved these classes! They love the stories, but most importantly they love the experiments. The experiments are aimed to show kids interesting properties of matter, but without the scientific names or the theories behind them. These experiments are truly aimed to let the kids discover for themselves the fun of experimentation, the fact that sometimes experiments do not work exactly as planned, and that science can be so much fun. I love hearing them excitedly tell me what they did that day in the class. I would not hesitate to recommend this class to any one.

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