After posting several lesson videos on this web site, I decided it might be useful to explain to teachers not only HOW to present a lesson, but WHY I chose to do each lesson the way I did. So I've added a short "Tips for Teachers" video to our free lesson, "Catapults." It explains why we deliberately withhold certain information from the students when we present this experiment. In the next couple of weeks, I'll add these Tips videos to the other lessons, too. You can see the Tips for Teachers video clip here. (You'll need to log in first to access these videos.)

Catapults Tips for Teachers

We also have a new rental video, "Helium Balloons," where students experiment with air pressure and wind power. See it here.

Helium Balloons Experiment

A few days ago, one of my teen students brought me an "Evil Mr. Fred's Castle" made of sugar cubes. We talked about diabolical things we could do with it, but we didn't have time that day. So I decided to videotape it and share its fate with everyone. Watch it here. Thanks, Emma!

Sugar Castle

Last but not least, we have a job opening for a 2012 Summer Camp Assistant. You can see the job description here. If you know anyone with the temperament to work at Rock-it Science, please pass along the link to them.

Have a great weekend!
John McChesney ("Mr. Mac")
Director, Rock-it Science