"Color Changers" Workshop Video

In this Workshop, adults discover that ordinary yellow paper can do extraordinary things. They draw on it with household ammonia, baking soda mix, and vinegar to develop a way to send secret messages. This lesson is presented the same way we would do it with students, but with additional discussion about how teachers can present it. Length of videos: approx. 1 hr, 20 min (The actual lesson lasts about an hour.)

You can also see actual students doing this lesson here.

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Before presenting this lesson to students, be sure to read:
"How to Present a Rock-it Science Lesson."

Note: All activities in this lesson should be performed with adult supervision. Likewise, common sense and care are essential to the conduct of any and all activities, whether described in this lesson or otherwise. Parents or guardians should supervise children. Rock-it Science assumes no responsibility for any injuries or damages arising from any activities.

Here's a short Preview of the workshop.

Part 1: Intro

Part 2: Story

Part 3a: Experiment, Part 1

Part 3b: Experiment, Part 2

Part 4: End of Story

Part 5a: Discussion, Part 1

Part 5b: Discussion, Part 2

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