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(After-school students receive the same lessons as homeschool students.)

Spring Classes begin March 27, 2018.
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Our laboratory is also our classroom. Here, surrounded by fantastic gadgets and exotic equipment, our Director, John McChesney (“Mr. Mac”), develops new lessons and homeschoolers get to see them first.

In this fascinating place, our innovative, exciting, project-oriented curriculum covers a wide variety of science topics such as electricity and magnetism, engineering, potential and kinetic energy, chemistry, and physics.

Here are some experiments from our homeschool classes and summer camps.

Our laboratory contains equipment that we don’t take to regular schools, so students who attend our laboratory classroom often have the chance to do experiments they would usually never see until college, including exploding bubbles, million-volt lightning bolts, chemistry with real chemicals, and hundreds of other experiments that have been created in our lab.

Here's a sample of some experiments from the Older class.

Many of our homeschool lessons are different from the ones we present at regular schools, because they are still being developed and fine-tuned. So there are often delightful surprises and unexpected discoveries in these classes. Mr. Mac may modify a lesson depending on how the students respond to it. He may create a new experiment just hours before a class, or fabricate a new story on the fly, incorporating story elements the students suggest.

There’s no note-taking, no memorization, no homework, and no tests. In this stress-free environment, students get to try things, make mistakes, make corrections, and discover how to solve problems, without the risk of being “wrong.” This develops and maintains their enthusiasm for science, which is our primary objective.
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Some classes may be filmed for training or promotional purposes. Parents, siblings, and visitors in camera range may also be filmed.