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(Core Science Curriculum for "Younger," "Middle," "Mixed Age," "After School," and "Older" students.)

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Core Classes (Various groups covering ages 5-16)
Advanced Core Class (Ages 12-16)

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Rock-it Science Core Classes (taught by Mr. Mac, with Miss Kris)

This is our core science curriculum. We strongly recommend that all students register for our Core Classes. In these lessons, we cover a wide assortment of science topics such as electricity and magnetism, engineering, potential and kinetic energy, chemistry, and physics. Students explore a different topic each week, and each lesson includes something to discover, so students get to have the "Aha!" experience that makes them excited about learning and exploring. Each 10-week class series is independent of the others, so there are no prerequisites for these classes.

Core Classes
Core classes are listed as Younger Students (Age 5-8), Middle Students (Age 7-12), Mixed Age Students (Age 5-16), and After School (Age 7-12). The lessons for all groups are the same, but the presentation and experiments are adapted for each age group.
Advanced Core Class
The Advanced Core class is listed as Older Students (age 12-16). This advanced class provides a wide assortment of more challenging experiments than the lessons for the younger groups.

Core Class Description (Age 5-12) -- Spring 2016-17

Tuition $175 (Charter school $205)
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Here are the lessons for Younger (Age 5-8), Middle (Age 7-12), Mixed Age (Age 5-16), and After School (Age 7-12) students. Core Classes are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. See Schedule for days and times.

  1. Weird Ink: Some kinds of ink simply disappear when you blow on them, some change colors, and some change back to the way they were all by themselves.
  2. Hovercraft: Use balloon power to create your own hovercraft and then find ways to make it move across the room.
  3. Electric Boats: Will an electric motor work under water? You’ll find out!
  4. Make Electricity with Kid-Power: Discover how much energy it takes to run lights, motors, and buzzers.
  5. Gyroscope Spinners: You can make something that can spin thousands of turns a minute powered by your own hands.
  6. Compass: Discover how to get un-lost after you get lost and how to make your parents follow your commands with a paper bag on their head… all in the name of science.
  7. Five Senses: OK… you are going to try to trick your own sense of touch, taste, hearing, sight, and smell so that they get all mixed up.
  8. Blender Chaos: Discover what happens when you put things into a blender and turn it on!
  9. Tricks with Static Electricity: Discover how to make things move inside jars, on the table, and in the air with completely invisible forces.
  10. String Climbers: Make a creature and then discover how to make it climb fifteen feet high.

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Advanced Core Class Description for Older Students (Age 12-16) -- Spring 2016-17

Tuition $175 (Charter school $205)
Advanced Core Classes are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. See Schedule for days and times.
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We have all sorts of dangerous machines, chemicals, and people around us. We can either try to isolate ourselves from them to stay safe or we can learn how to deal with them. At Rock-it Science we feel that it is very important to learn how to deal with dangerous situations. In the Older Students Class (Age 12-16), we sometimes use strong chemicals, high voltage, and other materials and processes that can be dangerous if the student does not follow instructions. Before you register your child for this advanced class, be sure they have the emotional maturity to focus on the lesson, listen carefully to instructions and safety warnings, and perform the experiments as directed. If your child is over 12 years old but is not ready for this kind of advanced class, he or she may register for the Mixed Age Class (Age 5-16).

Here are the Advanced Core lessons for the Spring session:

  1. Make and Run a Pulse-Jet Engine: I know you’ve all been waiting for the chance to burn off one of your eyebrows, and now it’s here!
  2. Inertia Tricks: Just how many plates can you leave undisturbed when you yank on the tablecloth?
  3. The Science of Nails and Screws: Hammer or screw together some pieces of wood and then rip them apart with a hydraulic ram… then try to hammer a needle through a penny.
  4. Penny Chemistry: Turn a copper penny into a silver penny, and then into a gold penny.
  5. Self-Propelled Battery: Discover how to make a battery move through a tunnel by itself.
  6. Gas Masks: Discover how to survive when the air you breathe becomes toxic.
  7. Dissolving Plastics: We all want to reduce the amount of plastics in landfill and in the oceans so here you will discover a few dramatic ways to do just that.
  8. Magnetic Force Amplification: How to give a wimpy magnet the strength of a super-hero.
  9. Leaf-blower Launcher: Discover how tornadoes and hurricanes get their destructive powers by launching them with a leaf-blower aimed at Goodville.
  10. Make Water Fall Upwards: A little trickery with sound waves and a video camera can make a water stream appear to go any direction you like… or even stop in mid air.

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