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(After-school students receive the same lessons as homeschool students.)

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Winter Classes begin January 9.

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We offer TWO types of classes: Core Science Curriculum and Electives.

1. Core Science Curriculum: We strongly recommend that all students register for the Core classes. Our Core Science Curriculum is taught by Mr. Mac, with Miss Michelle. In these lessons, we cover a wide assortment of science topics such as electricity and magnetism, engineering, potential and kinetic energy, chemistry, and physics. Students explore a different topic each week, and each lesson includes something to discover, so students get to have the "Aha!" experience that makes them excited about learning and exploring. Each 10-week class series is independent of the others, so there are no prerequisites for these classes.

Core Classes
Core Curriculum classes are listed on the schedule as Younger Students (Age 5-8), Middle Students (Age 7-12), Mixed Age Students (Age 5-16), and After School (Age 7-12). The lessons for all groups are the same, but the presentation and experiments are adapted for each age group.
Advanced Core Classes
The Advanced Core Class is listed on the schedule as Older Students (age 12-16). This advanced class provides a wide assortment of more challenging experiments than the lessons for the younger groups.

See Core Class Descriptions

2. Electives: Many parents have said they wish their kids could take more than just Mr. Mac's Core Science classes at Rock-it Science, so we ordered some Electives from the Acme Store of Everything. Not all of these classes are strictly science, but they're definitely fun! And we've scheduled them to fall immediately before or after Rock-it Science Core classes so kids can take two or more classes in one visit. There are no prerequisites for Elective classes unless specified in the class description.

Winter Session Electives:
Maker Lab (age 7-12)
Maker Lab (age 12-16)
Maker Lab Jr. (age 5-7) NEW
Body Parts2 (age 10-16)
Metal Work (age 8-14)
Jewelry Making (age 8-16) NEW
Modern Art/Scrapbooking (age 5-10) NEW
Ceramic Creations (age 8-16) NEW

See Electives Class Descriptions

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