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Makin' It Lab: Toyshop (Age 7-12)
Makin' It Lab: Powerwheels (Age 12-16)
Maker Studio: Arts, Crafts, and DIY (Age 7-16)
Writer's Wordshop (Age 7-12 and age 12-16)

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Many parents have said they wish their kids could take more than just Mr. Mac's Core Science classes at Rock-it Science, so we ordered some Electives from the Acme Store of Everything. Not all of these classes are strictly science, but they're definitely fun! And we've scheduled them to fall immediately before or after Rock-it Science Core classes so kids can take two classes in one visit.

There are no prerequisites for Elective classes unless specified in the class description. However, unlike the Core classes, some Elective classes may be sequential, each lesson building on the previous ones.

Makin' It Lab: Toyshop (Age 7-12, 90 minutes)

Taught by Miss Kris
Tuition $168 (Charter school $198)
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Toys are fun, but they’re much, much more. Throughout history and across all cultures, toys have been the tools children use to learn about the world and practice the skills they will need. In this class Jack and Jill will travel through history and around the globe, learning about how children played in different times and places. We’ll build the toys they used, then invent our own. Students may have the option to show their toys inventions at the Maker Faire. Students in the previous session can choose to continue building their toy vehicle as their project.

This class is offered on Wednesdays at 10:15 and 2:45
Note: This is a short session class, just 6 weeks. The pricing ($168) reflects the shorter session.
(see complete schedule).

Makin' It Lab: Powerwheels (Age 12-16, 90 minutes)

Taught by Miss Kris
Tuition $168 (Charter school $198)
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This older student class is a continuation of the previous session. Students in that class began working on various motorized, ride-on toy cars, which they are refurbishing into fantastical working vehicles of their own design. In the process, the students learn about the vehicles electrical circuits, mechanics, and the material properties. This class will be only six weeks long, culminating with a “race” event at Rock-It Science and the Maker Faire. Planning the race event and presenting their vehicles will also be part of the class.

This class is offered on Wednesdays at 12:00.
Note: This is a short session class, just 6 weeks. The pricing ($168) reflects the shorter session.
(see complete schedule).

Maker Studio: Arts, Crafts, and DIY (Age 7-16, 90 minutes)

Taught by Miss Colleen
Tuition $250 (Charter school $280)
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Being a maker of arts and crafts has a lot in common with science. In both there are questions, problem-solving, mistakes, and learning how things work. So, while Evil Mr. Fred won’t likely sabotage our Maker Studio, we’ll still be making clever discoveries, creating awesome things, and perhaps even saving the world (through our strategic use of materials).

The class goal is to learn new techniques and use new tools, applying them in a personal way to your project. The experience, along with its difficulties and accomplishments, is more important than a perfect project because we learn so much more from our experimentation, mistakes, and through the problem-solving process. In addition, many of the supplies and tools are high quality, and some even require a greater level of precision and safety thoughtfulness to use, which is a great way to grow in your skills and responsibility.

We have a tentative line-up for projects, but we’re flexible to accommodate your interests if you have a suggestion or need another class to finish. You’re also welcome to give demonstrations if there’s a skill you’d like to share. So set aside this maker time for yourself. We provide the materials, space, and instruction, so you can easily focus on your creative process.

Miss Colleen recently moved here from Ohio, where she worked as a store craft coordinator (teaching classes, giving demonstrations, and creating project samples) and then as a writer of tutorials and how-to’s for a craft & DIY blog.

Project Options:
-painted recycled glass jars
-starting plants from seeds
-pressed flowers and leaves
-stepping stones or cement pots
-patina on metal
-riveted leather bracelet or keychain
-fused glass
-mini scrapbook (bring some photos that can be added)
-silkscreen a t-shirt (bring your own shirt)
-resin in molds
-crochet with beads and string
-practice different types of knots
-yarn projects (pom-poms, braiding, hand-knitting or hand-crochet, regular knitting and crochet, loom-knitting, or weaving)

We welcome supply donations too. Thank you!

This class is offered on Thursdays at 1:00 (see complete schedule).

Writer's Wordshop (Age 7-12 and 12-16)

Taught by Miss Kris
Tuition $150 (Charter school $180)
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The writing process can be fun… but it’s also work. Great writers learn to face the frustrations and stick through the struggle. In this class, students will gain or renew their confidence as writers in a supportive setting. They will experience writing as a process both playful and purposeful, finding joy in words and expression. The teacher, Kristan Hutchison, is a published author who wrote full time for newspapers in Alaska and Antarctica before moving to California. This session she will co-teach with Jenny Robertson, who taught writing at Carnegie Mellon and was a professional writer before dedicating the last decade to teaching kids.
This class is offered on Tuesdays at 1:30 and 2:45 (see complete schedule).

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