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If you're lucky enough to live in the Silicon Valley area, we can send a Rock-it Science instructor right into your classroom to present a hands-on In-School lesson during your regular school hours.

Our lessons are not just demonstrations, but real hands-on experiments where each child gets to participate individually. Based on the Seven Secrets of Rock-it Science, they provide science enrichment that engages the whole mind.

Rock-it Science combines hands-on experiments with storytelling to make children enthusiastic about learning science. In this video, a fifth-grade class learns about kinetic and potential energy by building "Marble Roller Coasters." Filmed at Lowell Elementary School, San Jose, California.

Twice the benefit of after-school programs!
Unlike after-school programs, our lessons are done right in the classroom, during regular school hours, with the classroom teacher present. So the teacher gets to see what the students are learning and can integrate the Rock-it Science experience into their regular lessons. Students get twice the benefit!

Hands-on Experiments
Each child gets to personally manipulate objects and materials and watch how they bounce, light up, dissolve, fly, break, disappear or do other strange and wonderful things. They get to try things out, make mistakes, make corrections, discover how to solve problems, and experience the joy of discovery! We make science fun, so your students become confident and excited about learning science.

The Power of Storytelling
Rock-it Science uses a unique story-telling methodology, developed and refined over 20 years. Each lesson introduces a scientific concept through a zany humorous fairytale that appeals to children’s natural creativity and imagination and helps them remember the scientific principles.

Choose Your Lessons
We have over 200 highly tested and successful project-oriented science experiments that are creative, challenging, and fun! The lessons target chemistry, physics, life science, and earth science.

For a complete list of lessons available for in-school programs, see our Curriculum Library.

Preview the Lessons on Video
Many of our classes have been videotaped, and you can see them online in our Teacher Community. These were shot in real time with real students, so you can see not only how the lessons are presented, but also how the students respond to them.

In-school Lesson Structure & Pricing:

Email us to schedule In-School lessons.

Format: Each science lesson lasts 45-60 minutes. The classroom teacher observes the lesson and participates if they wish. Our instructors can teach up to 40 students at a time (up to 30 for kindergarten).

Typically, a school will arrange in advance to have one of our instructors deliver 3 to 5 lessons in a given school day.

Location: The science room must have a sink and electrical outlets. Some lessons are presented outdoors, and a large open field is ideal.

Price: $200 per lesson (minimum 3 lessons per day). This price is based on all groups of students receiving the same lesson that day.

Download our In-School Brochure. This is a pdf file and requires Adobe Reader.