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How We Do Rock-it Science
Summer Camp Moments
Meet Mr. Mac
Teen Homeschool Class Highlights
What Happened to Japan's Nuclear Reactors
Fun with a Tabletop Tesla Coil
Marble Roller Coasters Lesson
Things That Burn
Mr. Mac Demonstrates Science Gear
Crash Test Dummies
Teacher Workshop Trailer
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"How We Do Rock-it Science"

Rock-it Science uses a unique teaching method that combines crazy stories with exciting hands-on experiments to make kids enthusiastic about science. Time: 3 min. 11 sec.

“Summer Camp Moments”

See some of the exciting hands-on experiments kids get to do at Rock-it Science Summer Camps. Time: 3 min. 15 sec.

Meet “Mr. Mac”

Meet Rock-it Science Director John McChesney, known to his homeschool students as “Mr. Mac.” In this short film, he tells how his own childhood adventures led to the exciting hands-on science lessons he teaches today. Time: 5 min. 28 sec.

“Teen Homeschool Class Highlights”

Our Teen homeschool students (age 11-16) explored Heat & Cold, Properties of Metals, and other topics during 2011. Time: 3 min. 21 sec.

“What Happened to Japan's Nuclear Reactors?”

Mr. Mac explains to his students what happened to the Japanese nuclear reactors at Fukushima, in kid-friendly language and drawings. Filmed March 17, 2011. Time: 14 min. 29 sec.

“Fun with a Tabletop Tesla Coil”

John MCChesney, Director of Rock-it Science, built a small tesla coil from a kit he bought online from oneTesla. But in order to make it work properly, he made a number of modifications that he describes here, along with a demonstration of some of the cool things you can do with this tesla coil, including play music. Filmed August 2014. Time: 24 min. 54 sec.

“Rock-it Science: Marble Roller Coasters Lesson

Rock-it Science combines hands-on experiments with storytelling to make children enthusiastic about learning science. Here, a fifth-grade class learns about kinetic and potential energy. Filmed at Lowell Elementary School, San Jose, California. Time: 14 min. 44 sec.

“Things that Burn”

Here’s a glimpse of two Rock-it Science homeschool classes. Students in age groups 5-8 and 7-12 learn about what kinds of things burn and how long they burn. Mr. Mac uses one of his clever contraptions, this one made with a tiki torch and a balloon pump, to demonstrate various flammable and non-flammable powders. Time: 17 min. 35 sec.

“Mr. Mac Demonstrates Science Gear”

John McChesney demonstrates how he cleverly modified various devices for use in his science classes in Santa Clara, CA. Time: 5 min. 5 sec.

"Crash Test Dummies" (Impact-absorbent Bumpers)

A class of Rock-it Science homeschool students age 11-16 try to build a bumper that will protect an egg during a crash -- in a rocket-powered vehicle! Time: 7 min. 28 sec.

“Teacher Training Workshop"

This is an excerpt from a workshop in which teachers learn how to do simple, fun science lessons using the Rock-it Science method. Time: 4 min. 2 sec.