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To teach Rock-it Science, you have to:

  • Be adventurous, flexible, and have a sense of humor.
  • Be willing to tell a crazy story even if you don’t do it perfectly.
  • Be comfortable saying, “I don’t know” to a student’s question.
  • Let students make their own observations and find their own answers instead of trying to make sure everyone gets the “right” outcome or learns a predetermined set of facts.
  • Remember that children learn best when they’re having fun. And you’ll have fun, too!

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  • Full Lesson Videos (not just the trailers). See the lessons as they were presented in our laboratory classroom with hands-on experiments and Mr. Mac's complete "crazy stories."
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About Our Videos

Please Note: The Videos and Guides on this site are not a packaged curriculum for students. They’re a training resource for teachers and parents. They demonstrate the Rock-it Science methodology, an entire way of relating to children, not just how to teach a science lesson. Our Director, John McChesney (“Mr. Mac”), has developed and tested this method for over twenty-five years.

Video Quality: These videos, shot in our laboratory classroom during actual classes, were originally meant for training our own staff. They’re not polished or professional-looking; there’s lots of shaky camera work, uneven audio, extraneous noises, and unexpected behavior from the students. They’re like “behind the scenes” videos, meant for teacher reference only, not for students or the public. Like Rock-it Science itself, you never know what's going to happen! Every lesson contains something for the child to discover. So please don't let kids watch the videos of the experiments -- it will ruin the surprise for them.

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