Be A Science Hero!

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If this is you, then you're one of the talented few who could bring our crazy, funny, exciting style of science to kids in your area, wherever you live.

When Rock-it Science goes to a public school, the absenteeism rate plummets that day. Kids won't miss it for anything. They cheer when our instructor walks in, because they know they're about to have an adventure. And afterwards, they can't wait to tell their friends what they did and how much fun they had.

There are schools and youth groups everywhere who'd jump at the chance to have science activities like the ones we offer here at Rock-it Science. But most teachers and youth leaders don't have the time, budget, or science background to do it themselves. That's where you come in. We're offering FREE lesson plans and streaming videos so you can learn to do Rock-it Science-style activities in your own community.

Yes, you can be a volunteer science hero. Whether you're a young adult doing community service, a retired person who wants to inspire the next generation, or a homeschool parent exploring science in your garage with other families, you can be a science hero. You can be the one the kids cheer for when you walk in.

You just have to be willing to:
- Tell a crazy story even if you don’t do it perfectly.
- Be comfortable saying, “I don’t know” to a kid’s question.
- Allow kids to do experiments in a semi-chaotic environment.
- Be a facilitator of their experience, rather than the authority who's supposed to have all the answers.
- Let them make their own observations and find their own answers instead of trying to make sure everyone gets the “right” outcome or learns a predetermined set of facts.
- Remember that children learn best when they’re having fun, and then you’ll have fun, too!

Our goal is to build an online community where volunteer science heroes can learn and support one another. There's no formal training program or certification. We're just sharing our resources so you can take the ball and run with it in your own way. It's up to you to choose the activities you want to do, watch the videos, read the Lesson Guides, and learn how to tell the crazy stories and do the experiments. Then find a place where you're needed and volunteer your services.

How to Get Started:

  • Take a look at our QuickStart trailers and Lesson Guides to get an idea of what's in the lessons.
  • Read our introductory guide, "How to Present a Rock-it Science Lesson." It gives you the background about our teaching method, how the activities are structured, and how to tell our crazy stories.
  • Register on our Teacher site to access the full lesson videos. (It's FREE and there's no obligation.)
  • In the Lesson Videos, you can see the actual lessons as they were presented to real kids in our laboratory classroom. They include the hands-on experiments and "crazy stories."
  • Find one you like, and download the corresponding Lesson Guide. It contains a complete transcript of the video, photos, an equipment list, and Quick Reference Guides.
  • Read Mr. Mac's Newsletter and get the benefit of his experience teaching science to kids. (He's been developing and testing these lessons for over 25 years.)
  • If you need help, we have an online Support Forum where you can ask questions, share ideas, and be mentored by Mr. Mac and others.

Please Note: The lesson videos on this site were shot in our laboratory classroom during actual classes and were originally meant for training our own staff. They’re not polished or professional-looking; there’s lots of shaky camera work, uneven audio, extraneous noises, and unexpected behavior from the students. They’re like “behind the scenes” videos, meant for the instructor's reference only, not for students or the public. Like Rock-it Science itself, you never know what's going to happen! So please don't let kids watch the videos -- it will ruin the surprise for them.

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