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Note: All activities on this web site should be performed with adult supervision. Likewise, common sense and care are essential to the conduct of any and all activities, whether described on this site or otherwise. Parents or guardians should supervise children. Rock-it Science assumes no responsibility for any injuries or damages arising from any activities.

Dry Ice

Mr. Mac presents several homeschool science experiments showing the fascinating properties of Dry Ice. This video also includes one of our crazy stories, "Seven Dungeons," in which Jack and Jill must use dry ice to escape from their nemesis, The Evil Mr. Fred. Time: 42 min. 29 sec.

Air Pressure

Rock-it Science Director John McChesney ("Mr. Mac") presents three homeschool science experiments that you can easily perform in your own kitchen: Candle in a Jar, Egg in a Jar, and Collapsing Soda Can. This video also includes one of John's crazy stories, "Beanstalk Island," to help children remember the lesson. Time: 31 min. 17 sec.

Global Warming

John McChesney, director of Rock-it Science, explains the Greenhouse Effect and the theory of Global Warming, along with experiments and a crazy story to help kids remember the concepts. Time: 1 hr. 11 min. 53 sec.

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