"Static Electricity" Trailer

Students learn about thunder, lightning, and electrons. They discover how to separate a mixture of salt and pepper, lightning safety, and with one hair-raising experience, they discover the nature of static electricity. This relates to weather, lightning safety, electrons, positive and negative charges, voltage, lightning bolts, and cloud formation.This video also includes one of Mr. Mac’s crazy stories, “Jack and Jill and the Lightning Storm,” to help students remember the lesson. Difficulty: Hard. (This is rated "Hard" because the demo in this lesson requires a Van de Graaf generator. But you can skip that demo to make this an "Easy lesson.)

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Note: All activities in this lesson should be performed with adult supervision. Likewise, common sense and care are essential to the conduct of any and all activities, whether described in this lesson or otherwise. Parents or guardians should supervise children. Rock-it Science assumes no responsibility for any injuries or damages arising from any activities.